Environmental Art

Sense of Place

Oak Woodland Respite

This space evokes invisible forces pulling together and ordering fragments of rock and native plants under the shade of a large oak in order to create a comfortable place of respite for the viewer to contemplate the forces of nature and the spirit and essence e of this place.

Bedrock broken apart into boulders of granite are further fragmented and smoothed by the natural forces of nature—the sun, wind and rain—into cobbles and small stones and pebbles and finally pulverized into granular decomposed granite. Decomposed granite mixes with plant debris built up over centuries creating soils that support the germination of acorns and seeds from native plant species. As oaks grow to maturity with fragrant sages, manzanitas, wild lilac, buckwheat, and other native plants, a habitat is born to provide food and shelter for the abundant wildlife lurking in the shadows. Often hidden by day in the trees and burrows they leave their tracks in the earth as evidence of their existence.

Camellia Woodland Respite

This art piece is set under the towering canopy of a 125 year old dense oak woodland, an understory of tall dark glossy leaf camellias were planted over 70 years ago creating today a unique manmade landscape. The gargantuan canopy lets in shafts of light which sparkle and reflect off the twinkling leaves of the camellias as they move in the breeze creating an ethereal reverent aura at certain moments of time during the day.

This work imagines invisible forces collecting and ordering surrounding glossy camellia leaves (in the form of polished silver metal leaf shapes embedded in the pavement and dangling from the trees) into sinuous organic forms which also provide comfortable seating. The hanging metallic silver leaves chime in the wind in symbolic translation of the shimmering visual space into sound. Here is a respite spot for the viewer to contemplate the creative spirit of man in harmony with nature and the power of this place.