Parks and Public Gardens

Milton & Harriet Goldberg Recreation Area

Sierra Madre, CA

The design and development of a neighborhood park using solely California native plants and incorporating unique hands on creative play environment for children and a passive recreation area for neighborhood residents.

Mayors’ Discovery Park

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

The transformation of an unused Caltrans parking lot surrounded by freeway on ramps, major traffic arteries and parking lots into a quiet neighborhood park with unique design elements echoing its origins and surrounding land use. Play features including a large sand play area with a buried model of the adjacent freeway interchange ready for discovery and a boat floating channel fountain lined with handmade ceramics by local artists, picnic areas under arbors, lawn berms, and an entry gateway collage of wheels from a large assortment of vehicles all designed with a transportation theme.

Memorial Park Children’s Playground

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

The design of a playground section of a community park incorporating unusual types of play opportunities including an irregularly rolling lawn as a challenge for toddlers to climb and roll down, a water and sand play area, climbing structures, and an interactive environmental sculpture by artist Mark Lere.

California Native Plant Garden

Sunset Demonstration Gardens at the Los Angeles Arboretum

Arcadia, CA

The design of a small garden that demonstrates the use of California native plants and local materials used to recreate the spirit of nature in a small space. Sandblasted black granite, granite boulders, granite pea gravel and granite stone dust are used with native California plants to create the illusion and feeling of being on a natural path along a canyon stream.

Master Plan for the Ramble in Central Park

New York, New York

Site analysis, historic landscape study and master plan for the restoration of a 33 acre portion of Central Park known as the Ramble. Work was done under the direction of Phil Winslow as consultant to the Central Park Task Force.

Park Adjacent to Public School 52

Staten Island, New York

The design of a 1.3 acre park adjacent to an elementary school providing both active and passive recreation.

Frank Frontera Park

Queens, New York

A 3.2 acre public park including basketball and handball courts, passive recreational open spaces, and an extensive planting program.

North Avenue Park

Staten Island, New York

A 3.6 acre public park design included a ball field and nature trails.

Park between Belmont, Vermont, and Pitkin Avenues

Brooklyn, New York

The design of passive and active recreational facilities in a 2.6 acre neighborhood park.

City Hall Site Design

New York, New York

The development of a schematic site design for the proposed park adjacent to City Hall and the Tweed Courthouse along Centre and Chambers Streets.

Austin J. McDonald Playground

Staten Island, New York

The design of terraces, an amphitheater, play structures and sports areas for this 3 acre park.

Conservatory Water Restoration Plan in Central Park

New York, New York

The planting design and concept sketches were prepared with Bruce Kelly, Landscape Architect. The goal was to solve erosion problems and open up vistas around this reflecting pool used for model boat sailing.

The Carousel and Site Restoration Plan, Central Park

New York, New York

Design sketches to direct the renovation of the carousel, surrounding walkways, seating areas, and plantings.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Los Angeles, CA

Consulting work to help the museum better relocate and develop their children’s exhibits.


First Presbyterian Church of Encino Preschool

Encino, CA

The design of two play yards consisted of making improvements to the 4-5 year old yard’s tricycle loop and sand play areas and converting a small entry courtyard into a new play area for the 2 year olds.

Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School

Northridge, CA

AJHS educates children from pre-kindergarten through middle school. See full description under Elementary school category.

Child Educational Center

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

The design of an acre of play yards, learning and living spaces for infant to 5 year old children in a childcare center. The project included a master plan and four completed phases of the long term project. Completed phases include areas to climb, imagine, create art, encourage dramatic play opportunities, to tricycle without conflict, to construct and experiment with sand, water, and plants, and to discover nature.

Child Educational Center Entrance Garden

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

The design of a symbolic garden reflecting the school's philosophy of mutual respect, child independence, and the bonds of love between parent and child. This philosophy takes the form of two simple “U” shaped seating areas one scaled in size for adults and one for children facing each other and connected by a stone path. The animal cut outs in the two matching redwood screen fences represent the name of each classroom and their positive and negative forms cast shadows and create peek holes in the fence. The area at the entry to the school is used for outdoor seating, conferences, class activities and just a warm welcoming place to pass at morning drop off time.

The Walden School

Pasadena, CA

The design of the preschool outdoor play area intended to promote creativity, curiosity, educational opportunities, bonding and learning from nature. The preschool outdoor environment includes water and sand play areas, trike paths, hands on gardens, outdoor art areas, play houses and natural areas for non-prescribed play.

Loyola Marymount University Preschool

Los Angeles, CA

Design of outdoor play yards for infants, toddlers, preschool age, and elementary school age children with areas for art activities, imaginary play, nature discovery, climbing, swings, lawn areas and outdoor eating.

Roger Barkeley Community Center

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Consulting for the design improvements to the preschool outdoor play space grounds.

Mark Taper Children’s Learning Center

Los Angeles, CA

Schematic design to renovate a completely paved children’s play area and transform it into a play space that has richer play opportunities and enhanced exposure to nature in its urban setting.

Pasadena First United Methodist Church Preschool

Pasadena, CA

The design of the preschool outdoor play area intended to promote creativity, curiosity, educational opportunities, bonding and learning from nature. The preschool outdoor environment includes water and sand play areas, trike paths, hands on gardens, outdoor art areas, play houses and natural areas for non-prescribed play.

Mothers’ Club

Pasadena, CA

As a consultant to Harley Ellis Devereaux, Swire Siegel transformed an asphalt paved parking area for 20 cars into a rich outdoor play environment for infants to 5 years olds. Play areas include outdoor art activity space, hands on children’s garden, sand and water play, trike paths, trex decks and climbing areas. The new smaller parking lot was constructed using the first porous concrete pavement in Pasadena and the planting in the lot is California native. This project received Gold LEED certification, Best Overall Award, Flex Your Power, 2008; AIA California Council, Savings by Design Energy Efficiency Integration Citation, 2008; Learning By Design Citation of Excellence Award, 2009; Southern California Concrete Producers Cornerstone Concrete Excellence Award, 2007; Pasadena Arts Council Gold Crown Award, 2008; The Pasadena Beautiful Foundation Honor Award, 2008; The Soroptimist International of Altadena/Pasadena Annual Service Award, 2008; Design Share Awards, Merit Award, 2008; AIA Pasadena & Foothill, Merit Award, 2008.

Anna Bing Arnold Children’s Center

California State University, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

The master plan design for a series of outdoor play areas for toddler age children through kindergarten age. Design development and construction drawings to renovate an existing kindergarten play yard to better utilize the space and accommodate more outdoor activities.


Los Angeles, CA

Consulting design work to assist in the improvements to the infant/toddler outdoor play yard for the Infant development program adjacent to the Department of Psychology in Franz Hall.

Elementary Schools

Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School

Northridge, CA

AJHS educates children from pre-kindergarten through middle school. This project included providing a campus master plan with recommendations for several years of phased site improvement projects. Working with Amy Nettleton of Elemental Landscapes we prepared a plan incorporating the design for recreation spaces, outdoor classrooms, performing arts areas, gathering spaces, spaces for periodic events, pedestrian circulation, and screening from surrounding arterial roadways. Phase one construction was completed in 2014 and included sports courts, climbing structures, a climbing wall, magnetic construction walls, a pre- kindergarten play yard with sand play, climbing, nature explore areas, art areas and more.

Laurence School

Valley Glen, CA

Laurence School calls itself a ‘place of secret gardens’ and this overall theme was the goal of the site design. The design maximized the use of all of the outdoor areas and corridors as well as serving to connect indoor areas to the outdoors. Adjacent to the library, gardens were created for quiet reading under the shade of flowering trees with privacy walls covered in slate serving as an empty canvas for children to create temporal art and writing with chalk. Outdoor classroom amphitheater shaded by a large existing eucalyptus, hands on flower and vegetable garden spaces, outdoor eating courtyards, benches in gardens for socializing, sports fields and running tracks, were all designed to celebrate nature and coexist in a garden like setting.

The Walden School

Pasadena, CA

The design of the elementary school age play yard space intended to promote creativity, curiosity, educational opportunities, bonding and learning from nature. The elementary school age yard has a horizontal climbing wall separating it from the preschool area. There are places for outdoor lunch under shade trees, a sports court for handball, basketball and other games, classroom redwood deck and semicircular bench under the canopy of newly planted sycamore trees overlooking a natural ecosystem pond at the center of the yard. The addition of a tree house designed by architect Mark Billy provides a lookout tower and climbing and gathering opportunities. In the south yard, the existing play area have been enriched by a hands on water play magnet wall and water channel, a stage/quiet reading deck, a slate easel wall and additional plantings.

Crestview School

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

The design of an outdoor play environment for elementary school age children structures outdoor activity rooms around a central multiuse lawn area. Individual rooms provide separate spaces for quiet sand play, climbing and swinging, handball, basketball, volleyball, tetherball, frisbee and other ball playing, as well as seating areas to socialize and have lunch.

Paradise Canyon Elementary School

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Design of a children’s play garden in a public elementary school to be used at recess and a native plant garden to be used for enrichment in the 3rd and 4th grade curriculum for ecology, social science, and botany studies.

Alhambra Unified School District

Alhambra, CA

Preliminary master plan studies for the campuses of Ramona Elementary School, Ynez Elementary School, Fremont Elementary School were prepared. Complete master plans for the campuses of Garfield Elementary School, Marguerita Elementary School, and Brightwood Elementary.

Junior High and High Schools

Westridge School for Girls

Pasadena, CA

As a consultant to Pica + Sullivan Architects, Swire Siegel provided campus designs for several phases of an ongoing middle school and high school expansion project. The campus is designed to promote the aesthetics of nature and provides outdoor spaces for academic pursuits and classroom activities, for socializing, eating lunch, contemplation, and engagement in sports. The latest phase of construction about to begin is the addition of a LEED Science building. The site around it is designed to be used in the high school curriculum for outdoor classroom teaching and exploration. It will demonstrate California native planting, plant evolution, decomposition of plant matter, two green roof areas using succulent planting, solar power, and an outdoor student run vegetable garden with composting and worm bins.

Mayfield School

Pasadena, CA

As a consultant to Pica + Sullivan Architects, we collaborate in the development of a Master Plan for the entire campus including tree inventory and site plans.

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

As a consultant to The Arroyo Group, we prepared a vegetation inventory of approximately 3 acres of chaparral to study the environmental impact of proposed development and the preparation of planting plans to revegetate the area after development. The project also included the addition of a soccer field and a garden under olive trees encircling the top of a new outdoor amphitheater.

McKinley Children Center

San Dimas, CA

Planting and irrigation design for portions of the campus.

Summer Camps and Community Gardens

Summer Kids Camp

Altadena, CA

Entry courtyard design and mentoring high school students in a 6 month project for provide the camp with a master plan to direct future improvements.


Pomona, CA

As a consultant working with Onyx Architects and Troller Mayer Landscape Architects, we are in the process of designing a living and play environment shared by 35 families. The design incorporates a large central lawn with mini garden alcoves, sand play for children, outdoor gathering areas for communal barbeques and events.

Planning and Historic Renovations

East Pasadena Specific Plan

Pasadena, CA

As a team member and consultant to The Arroyo Group, we provided a Landscape Architect’s perspective in this study and specific plan for future development of a section of Pasadena. The work included locating future parkland and greenways, bicycle trails, and suggesting the character and planting concepts for various areas within the city.

Restoration of the Stable-Carriage House and Gardener’s Cottage at Sunnyside

Tarrytown, N.Y.

Swire Siegel worked with Bruce Kelly, landscape architect, to prepare design sketches for the historic restoration of the grounds at Sunnyside, Washington Irving’s farm, to be opened to the public as a park and museum.