Milton & Harriet Goldberg Recreation Area

Sierra Madre, CA

The design and development of a neighborhood park using solely California native plants and incorporating unique hands-on creative play environment for children and a passive recreation area for neighborhood residents.

Using California native plants and local materials two contrasting spaces on opposite ends of the park are created. The south side is planted with coast live oaks providing a shady garden with leathery leaf native plants. Paving is stone. Basalt stone formations catch rain water for attracting wildlife. A deep sand basin recharges storm water and functions as a sand play area for children. Carved granite boulders form seating along with a dry stream bed. The north side in total contrast is sunny with soft grasses and delicate plants. In the center a circle of desert willows trained to form a half domed Indian hut has recycled wood stumps for seating with log sections and shredded bark paving. Three paths connect the north and south gardens; one with fragrant native plants, one with a variety of year long flowering plants and the last with wildflowers.